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Our values are at the heart of everything we do. These are not just words but the foundation of our relationships with each other and our clients. Inherent in these values is an awareness of our obligations to the people and the world around us. We also believe that the work we do every day, and the way we do it, helps people and organizations to fulfill – and expand – their potential.

We are determined to make a difference for organizations outside the corporate sphere as well. What we value:

Clear and Lasting Client Impact

Partner with clients as trusted catalysts for performance improvement -- Deliver insights, capabilities, change and results -- Achieve impact that our clients and our people recognize.

Unique and Formative Experience for Our People

Integrate high aspirations and intellectual honesty with humility, empathy and respect -- Enable people to excel and take pride in growing our firm -- Provide an energizing, sustainable and memorable work experience.

A Different Kind of Firm

Change how people think about management and how organizations work -- Model what we believe about organizational performance in our own firm -- Build a unique environment that supports dissent, candor and creativity -- Work as one firm to achieve our goals and live our values.