AGF chairman, Mr. Najib Choufani, and HRH Prince Fahad bin Muqrin bin Abdulaziz sign joint venture agreement for global cooperation on various investment projects, including the multi billion dollar development of Tunisia Economic City. TEC was founded by Dr. Riadh Toukabri (president of operations of Prince Fahad and Prince Mansour business enterprise, and AGF partner) and is being implemented in close cooperation with the Tunis government and current president. The entire development plan is estimated at $180 billion with the participation of multinational companies from around the world in conjunction with the President of Tunis.

AGF facilitates for its partners - CRCC (2nd largest state-owned and fortune 500 construction company in China), Xinwei Telecom Enterprise Group (top 3 telecom technology company in China), 4PX Logistics (the largest cross border Chinese logistics company), and 3Weidu (internet finance company), a cooperation agreement with Prince Fahad and AGF to participate in TEC and collaborate on other projects in MENA region, China, Europe and other.