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The Chairman's Letter
from Najib Choufani

American Global Fund is the culmination of over 40 years of success in the areas of finance, banking and insurance. Though now focused exclusively on investment and financial services, we have built AGF by providing our clients with alternative and innovative investment solutions with optimized adjusted risk and diversification by streamlining our organization and expanding our marketplace globally.

AGF builds and expands its portfolio holdings through internal management capacity and by outsourcing wealth management to specialist firms for more strategic assessment and planning for clients. Our management structure and broad market presence allows us to remain flexible in the face of market fluctuations and crises with options not available to other financial firms. As a result, we continue year-by-year to maintain our markets and grow our portfolio. We have now expanded our focus to include high return instruments and M&A to better position our equity holdings for future IPOs.

AGF's financial services have grown out of a challenge to small and medium sized businesses in pursuing their business strategies with limited financial resources. As management decisions have become increasingly sensitive to the bottom-line, our team works closely with executives looking for ways to examine their businesses and understand the language of finance. Our philosophy is to make finance part of the overall business strategy by arming business owners and managers with clear financial techniques and hands-on tools. Essentially, we combine relative financial performance indicators with basic financial data (revenue, variable and fixed costs) and design financial models in a way that a client can easily revise modeling assumptions and eventually work with the model independently.

Our team has continually proven excellence in an increasingly competitive world of finance, from vision through execution - and we continue to broaden our portfolio and market to anticipate new demands and provide increasing value to our clients. In this way, we are always ahead of the curve.